U Can Shine Testimonials

School impact


"We’ve measured its impact and success…it works! It’s the most exciting thing I’ve come across that helps children to change the things that are most important to them, and does it on a really personal level for them to achieve more in life’"

Ian Read, Deputy Head teacher, Birley Spa Community Primary School, Sheffield - March 2007


"U Can Shine has given our children self-belief and a can do attitude to school life which will remain part of their toolkit for a happy and successful life!It gives our school the H-Factor because if you’re happy in what you’re doing, you achieve more…simple, yet somehow in education we all make it sound like rocket science!" Margaret Broughton Head teacher, Harehills Primary School, Leeds - June 2013


"The children at Brampton Primary thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the UCS motivational road show and workshop days. They found it motivating to hear the messages about aspirations and resilience from someone other than teachers and parents. It was a fantastic day, great times Thank you U can shine!"

Sally Geary, Head teacher Brampton Primary School, Carlisle - Dec 2014




"Our involvement in UCS this year has really helped us to embed the key qualities and characteristics within everything we do in school. The children recognise resilience in themselves and are building their confidence to try to be the best version of themselves at all times. Jillian Harrison Longworth, Head teacher," Blennerhasset School – Feb 2015




Parent impact


"I want to personally thank U Can Shine for transforming Will’s life. I always knew that Will had an artistic talent but not only did they recognise this talent UCS actively encouraged and inspired him to further develop his skills. Not only has Will produced comics for U Can Shine but, following a nomination, he also won the South East Sheffield Oscars “Young Artist of the Year” award 2009. Shaun attended the awards ceremony with us and Will was astonished to win and he was so very proud of his achievement – as were we all.

U Can Shine has boosted Will’s confidence and he now has a huge desire to succeed in life and he aspires to be a professional cartoonist or animator. Without U Can Shine’s recognition, dedication and encouragement I believe that Will’s talents would have simply fallen by the wayside.

As parents we all want the best for our children and whilst we may believe our child has a “talent” or a “gift” how often do we think that perhaps we are being biased or perhaps it’s not really that significant? My son’s experience just goes to prove that young children do have talents and with inspiration and encouragement from others they truly can shine!"


Debbie Hewitt, mother of Will Hewitt


View Williams' amazing
U Can Shine comic



"The U Can Shine programme is a fantastic opportunity for children to recognise their own talent and that of their fellow peers. It gives a unique perspective on self-reliance and confidence as it supports children in encouraging them to believe in themselves, their dreams and that of each other. It teaches respect in yourself and others to reach unlimited dreams and goals.

U Can Shine transforms the air of confidence to raising aspirations, raising the limits of self belief, talent and most of all positive attitude.

Being a parent, we all want what is best for our children and we want them to succeed in what they do and what they aspire to do. U Can Shine offers children the opportunity to develop and learnt to believe in their abilities but most of all believe in themselves and what their capabilities are. Teaching children to speak out, turn negatives to positives, use their inner voice, be proud then be prouder as everyone has the ability to shine. I believe it helps children to transform their thought process into and ‘I can do it attitude’ and teaches support and understanding of others.

The confidence that this programme instils  is amazing and I for one am so grateful that my daughter has been part of this fantastic project and very honoured at the virtues it has enforced in her and other children alike. It was a privilege for Leia and our family to be part of last years’ awards as well as Leia being a future legacy for others. I was truly humbled by the talent, care and confidence that children in our community have.  For once, these positive role models are recognised for what they are – truly amazing young individuals!"

Tracey Bouch, parent of Against All Odds winner Leia Ransley


What the kids say - now read what the children themselves say...


"The U Can Shine programme recognises kids amazing achievements and capabilities and helps to prove that it only takes passion, focus and determination to conquer obstacles and achieve your dreams. Opportunities are always there around us all – good things come to those who wait but faster to those who take – so make sure you grab those opportunities with both hands! Never underestimate yourself and your capabilities and never let anyone tell you that you that you can’t do it.  Believing in yourself is all it takes and anything can happen. I was lucky enough to be part of this programme and am so grateful to Shaun and the U Can Shine Team for recognising me – Reach for the Stars – everyone can shine bright!"


Leia Ransley, Age 11 - Winner, Against All Odds Category

Pictured between Bars & Melody at the U Awards 2015 and with fellow award winner Darcy-Mae Jones.



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