To all parents out there, we know it’s an incredibly difficult time to try and be super-humans during Covid-19. It’s a massive challenge to balance family life at home with all the anxieties that we currently face, so we want to help in any way we can.

U Can Shine is an easy way to engage kids right from your home! Right now, you can access colouring sheets FOR FREE.

Today, children are growing up in a world that is rapidly changing in complexity, scale and challenge. At such a young age children live under more scrutiny, face more pressure to succeed and achieve at school. Additionally with technological advances, social media etc children's life experiences, engaging socially with their friends/peer groups can bring both positive benefits to their learning and cause concerns too.
Children with enthusiasm for a fully rounded learning experience in school are youngsters most likely to find success in their lives.


Childhood is a precious time

Here at U Can Shine, we believe childhood is truly a wonderful and precious time. We understand, recognise and value that all have their own unique place in the world to share their gifts and talents to make it a better place for everyone to shine!!

We're passionate about making a difference and believe that to achieve anything at school or wider life, their health and overall wellbeing has to be at the heart of everything they experience and challenges they encounter.

Physical, emotional and social skill development lay at the core of everything we do at U Can Shine where inner confidence, self worth, self belief and resilience set the foundations for children to develop essential skills and dispositions they’ll require for success at school but… importantly as they grow up.

Children with the 'DNA' of inner confidence, inquisitiveness, compassion, respect, self-motivation, resilience, independence and positive attitude will have the necessary life skills to accomplish great things in their lives... 'Roots to grow... Wings to fly'

We're on a mission to inspire and motivate kids across the UK to build self confidence and inner belief to achieve great things at school and wider lives.

U Man's new scheme hopes to support children in improving their mental health and wellbeing by encouraging them to think of themselves as superheroes.


U Man wants to know where he's needed, so he'd love kids to download the activities below, complete them and then share them to U Can Shine's facebook page - @ucanshineuk

See U Man 'Loud and Proud' for the NHS...

‘You don’t need a cape to be a hero…
you just need to show that you care’

About U Can Shine

U Can Shine was founded in 2006 by Shaun Weatherhead with the aim of helping children improve their self-confidence and well-being to live healthier happier lives.


Our Aim

To equip children with the necessary skills and attributes that enable them to lead healthy, happy and successful lives as they grow up in the modern world.


Aim with a real purpose

With the correct positive guidance, support and life learning experiences children have the power to transform their own lives.

At U Can Shine we strive to inspire children to become happier and more self-confident by sharing life-changing ideas within school communities and amongst their peers.

Our Objectives

  • Take a lead role in school communities raising the self-confidence of young children
  • Help improve the emotional well-being and physical health of children, helping reduce future youth issues such as poor self- image, low confidence, obesity and poor lifestyle choices.
  • Improve the relationships children have with family members, school friends, teachers and the wider community.
  • Encourage and support children to experience more happiness in their lives
  • Equip children with the knowledge and skills they need to live well in today’s society
  • Inspire and empower the future generation of leaders who will contribute to making a difference in their communities

Our Philosophy

These learning principles lie at the heart of everything we do. They shape all our programmes/resources we develop and are all learnable attributes

  • Attitude – Is everything! The way in which we conduct ourselves, act and behave around others.
  • Be yourself – Children must be proud of who they are and celebrate their uniqueness in the world.
  • Enjoyment – Children learn more when they’re enjoying themselves and having fun.
  • Enthusiasm – Children with enthusiasm have a thirst for learning and are more prepared to take on personal challenges.
  • Courage – Step out of their ‘comfort zone’ Try new things and take risks.
  • Potential – We believe every child has the capability to learn and improve.
  • Responsibility – Children take responsibility for their own thoughts, choices, feelings, decisions, actions and results.
  • Honesty – To pursue their own goals and take action to achieve them.
  • Work hard – All things can be overcome through determination, persistent effort and hard work.
  • Fail forward – Preparing children to overcome mistakes/challenges they face and move forward positively.
  • Resilience – Children develop character traits that empower them to overcome adversity.
  • Love of learning - We encourage children not to just enjoy what they learn but have a ‘love of learning’.
  • Personality - One size does NOT fit all. Different individuals require different solutions. We encourage individuality and celebrate uniqueness.



Available to buy soon:
Life Skills Motivational School Work Book now available for parents to purchase.

Our Core Values


  • Passion – A love and passion towards making a difference to the lives of children and young people
  • Principles – Deliver on the highest standards of honesty, integrity and professionalism.
  • Happy – Fun centred learning whilst developing and delivering our programmes
  • Community - Making a difference in the world - enabling young people to inspire their own lives and positively make a difference to others in their own communities
  • Gratitude – Genuinely grateful and thankful for the life opportunities and experiences presented to us

The U Can Shine Awards was an amazing annual school event created in Cumbria 2012 - 2016 to celebrate pupil's amazing achievements in an incredible way showcase to their accomplishments to the school community, their families and business community. Schools and businesses from Carlisle and West Cumbria took part... truly amazing and unforgettable.


Supported by business and business leaders from the local area and celebrated everything that's great across the Primary school communities. Sharing the great work that children achieve and showcasing their successes and talents is incredibly rewarding for all involved!


School teachers from all participating schools nominate pupils for awards in the following catagories: Attendance, Resilience, Respect, Attitude, Resilience, Literacy Progress, Numeracy Progress, Self-motivation, Special Recognition, Sporting Achievement, Communication, Community and Against All Odds.


“WOW!!! Sensational evening for children, parents and staff of our schools. It inspires our community, including local business, to come together to celebrate our children’s successes and show our belief in what they can achieve in the future.”

Chris Wilkins, Head teacher




"Truly inspirational! An absolutely fantastic occasion that brought together our school community and families to highlight, share and celebrate children’s hard work, dedication and academic success"

Jose Hodgkins, Head teacher



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award highlights >>

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Inspiring young people across the UK to
develop essential skill sets that make them fit for life

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Prominent business man Fred Story of Story homes visited Petteril Bank Community School, Carlisle to see what primary school children had created as part of a kit car competition

"They were really impressive. What impressed me was that they really thought it through. They didn’t just ask for money. They had a list of publicity opportunities and thought about how to involve our staff. They thought about the customer and that’s a great lesson for future life"

Fred Story. Story Homes



"As a Cumbrian organisation, whose workforce is almost exclusively from the county, we are fully behind any initiative that is going to improve the education and aspirations of people who are the future of our businesses"

Stuart Hoyles.
Director Thomas Armstrong Construction Ltd

"In February, U Can Shine involvement in the brightstars competition in school completely transformed the perspectives of the yr 5/6 pupils to what they can achieve, work towards and aspire to. It gave them the motivational boost they needed to believe in themselves, sky rocketed their self- confidence and throughout the whole process equipped them with essential skills including collaboration, resilience, budgeting, marketing, promotion and presenting. As a result, we now have a group of young, eager and hungry individuals who understand the necessary talents and capabilities businesses require in the world of work"

Sarah Lee, Teacher Petteril Bank Community School



Impact that's noticed

2015 Winners

In The News

School Motivational Days

Are you looking... exciting ways to motivate and inspire your pupils? boost your pupils self-confidence? challenge your pupil's and take them out of their 'comfort zone?' transform pupil motivation, raise aspirations and take their learning to a different level?


"The road show was a fantastic way to start the U Can Shine Programme.  It was energetic, uplifting, inspiring and motivational for pupils and staff.  It gave our children a real confidence boost and outlined just how important high aspirations and attitude to learning really are! The road show celebrated personal achievements of pupils through school and gave them just a taster of what is to come at The Sands Centre in the summer term.  Shaun, Jordan and Robbie were a great team and really pulled our school community together."

Sally Wright. Dept Headteacher, Valley Primary School, Whitehaven.







U Man


"U-Man was first introduced to my class through lessons in U CAN Shine, encouraging children to use the key skills which Shaun and U CAN Shine promote. We then thought about how these skills, as well as the U-Man character could link to other areas of the curriculum, deciding the most productive way would be through the children’s Literacy work. The U-Man character helped inspire and engage my class, in particular the children who struggle with writing creatively. As a result of this the children were able to produce wonderful short stories and pieces of poetry with U-Man as their main character.  This was an exciting and enjoyable task for the children but also allowed me to assess a number of criteria on our Literacy Learning Ladder.  Very beneficial for all involved!"


Mark Graham - Year 5 teacher at St Margaret Mary Catholic Primary School.





Meet U Man

U man is U Can Shine’s very own super hero character and motivational coach. He’s the face of U Can Shine and is used throughout our learning resources guiding kids to build self belief, resilience, self motivation and positive attitude he inspires kids to achieve great things at school and their wider lives.


Is U Man  just  like any other super hero?

His role is similar to that of a super hero who helps, supports and guides people faced with personal challenges. He’s inspirational, motivational and challenges children to overcome obstacles in their lives to set goals that develop self confidence and independence. He guides them in their sessions where they have their own personal guide who motivates to be the best they can be!


U Man Inspired by the kids

In November 2015; after consultation and engagement with over 1500 school children participating in our programmes in Cumbria, U Man was then created and the first U Man illustrations were commissioned to Tim Stead.

Since then, U Man has become the face of U Can Shine and the driving force for change within young children’s lives. So much so, we’ve launched U Man motivational days in schools across the UK!


U Can Shine in your school


 UCS motivational day includes:

  1. High impact motivational day delivered by UCS trained coach to pupils across school
  2. Each pupil receives a motivational life skills toolkit – focused on transforming attitude, building confidence, self- belief, boosting resilience and self-motivation
  3. Teacher toolkit (CPD), including lesson plans, resource and posters for learning environment around school (PSHE, raising aspirations, developing attitudes and dispositions for life)
  4. Pupils involved receive 12months FREE subscription to U Can Shine (value £14.99 per pupil. subscription must only be made with parental permission)
  5. Pupils meet U Man – U Can Shine superhero motivational character (Mascot) visit to each class and involved in assembly
  6. Full school assembly/presentation (end of day) to celebrate pupils achievements and invite families
  7. All pupils receive certificates for taking part in motivational day
  8. UCS staff award t-shirts to pupils who’ve impressed them during their time in school
  9. Links to the UCS school community through
  10. Potential to develop your very own school UCS mini awards


Listen to pupils from Norman Street

Primary School with their UCS Rap!

"The U Can Shine motivational road show 2015 was a wonderful 10 week series of high energy, inspirational workshops visiting schools all over Cumbria. Building children’s confidence to believe in themselves, talk about their hopes for the future and what jobs they’d perhaps like to do was brilliant! Thank you to all schools, teaching staff, mums, dads and many others all connected to school communities who took part. It was an incredible privilege to be part of, meet you all... and we had a tremendous amount of fun doing it!"

7,8,9...U Can Shine!

Robbie Dee, CFM Radio

What the kids say...


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