Listen to pupils from Norman Street

Primary School with their UCS Rap!

The awards are supported by business and business leaders from the local area and celebrate everything that is great across the Primary school communities we’re privileged to be involved in.


Sharing the great work that children have achieved and showcasing their successes and talents is incredibly rewarding for all involved!



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The 3rd Annual U Can Shine Awards take place over 3 exciting nights - 23rd, 24th and 25th June. Over 3,500 pupil's and families will be attending from 10 Primary schools from across Carlisle and West Cumbria. School teachers from all participating schools will be nominating pupils for Attendance, Resilience, Respect, Attitude, Resilience, Literacy Progress, Numeracy Progress, Self-motivation, Special Recognition, Sporting Achievement, Communication and Community Awards.

On the night there’ll also be terrific performances from each school involved with special performances each night from Britain’s Got Talent Duo ‘Bars and Melody’



“WOW!!! Sensational evening for children, parents and staff of our schools. It inspires our community, including local business, to come together to celebrate our children’s successes and show our belief in what they can achieve in the future.”

Chris Wilkins, Head teacher




"Truly inspirational! An absolutely fantastic occasion that brought together our school community and families to highlight, share and celebrate children’s hard work, dedication and academic success"

Jose Hodgkins, Head teacher



2014 Winners

Participating Schools

Tuesday 23rd June

Wednesday 24th June

Thursday 25th June

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'We're all born to fly'

Childhood is a precious time. Here at U Can Shine we value this more than anything because today our children are growing up in a world that is rapidly changing in complexity, scale and challenge. Our programmes aim to equip children with essential ‘life skills’ that help them develop successfully at school, achieve in their wider lives and lay the foundations to find their own pathway to succeed in life.

Our mission is to work within more school communities to inspire and build children’s confidence to raise aspirations, transform their life opportunities and ignite their self-confidence.


Our programmes


  • Transform attitudes and levels of self-motivation.
  • Challenge pupils to step out of their ‘comfort zone’.
  • Highlight the value and importance of respect and manners.
  • Ignite children’s inner confidence to believe in themselves.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Build essential foundations for life-long learning.
  • Unleash creativity and passion for learning.

Listen to Robbie Dee's interview with Shaun >>

"The UCS awards are truly inspirational!!!"

June 23rd - 25th

If you’re looking to transform children’s self-belief, unleash their amazing potential

and equip them for life... you’ve come to the right place!

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Raising aspirations and inspiring the UK's young people to
develop essential skill sets ready for the world of work

Getting involved creates huge benefits
to your organisation


  • Establish strong links with primary schools in your local area
  • Engage employees into schools to support the raising of aspirations and make a real differ-ence to the lives of young pupils in your community
  • Inspire pupil's about your business and make them aware of the different job roles within your company
  • Raise the profile of your brand - positively demonstrating that you're a socially responsible business and employer


Invest in the future economic wellbeing of young people and make a positive difference now.





Prominent business man Fred Story of Story homes visited Petteril Bank Community School, Carlisle to see what primary school children had created as part of a kit car competition

Engaging business involvement
we aim to...


  • Develop essential links between Primary Schools and businesses to inspire the future work-force
  • Raise the aspirations, self- belief and confidence of pupil's in their most impressionable years in life
  • To establish pathways to potential employment/ local businesses and understand the future job opportunities that exist in the community
  • Pupil's learn essential skills in leadership, creativity, teamwork, resilience, self motivation and forge characteristics future employers value
  • Engage business to play an essential role in the education and development in its future workforce




"As a Cumbrian organisation, whose workforce is almost exclusively from the county, we are fully behind any initiative that is going to improve the education and aspirations of people who are the future of our businesses"

Stuart Hoyles.
Director Thomas Armstrong Construction Ltd


UCS promotion on CFM

"They were really impressive. What impressed me was that they really thought it through. They didn’t just ask for money. They had a list of publicity opportunities and thought about how to involve our staff. They thought about the customer and that’s a great lesson for future life"

Fred Story. Story Homes



"In February, U Can Shine involvement in the brightstars competition in school completely transformed the perspectives of the yr 5/6 pupils to what they can achieve, work towards and aspire to. It gave them the motivational boost they needed to believe in themselves, sky rocketed their self- confidence and throughout the whole process equipped them with essential skills including collaboration, resilience, budgeting, marketing, promotion and presenting. As a result, we now have a group of young, eager and hungry individuals who understand the necessary talents and capabilities businesses require in the world of work"

Sarah Lee, Teacher Petteril Bank Community School



Petteril Bank Community School Bright Stars Competition

Here at U Can Shine

we mean business

How about a motivational seminar or workshop for your own staff?

Businesses are constantly striving to look at ways in which they can improve. Whether it’s...


  • Bottom line
  • Productivity
  • Increased performance
  • Development of staff
  • Improved wellbeing for the workforce


At U Can Shine, we mean business at every level - the potential future of your workforce; through inspiring young kids in schools, and by also focusing on your current employees  through engagement and involvement with our programmes.


Getting involved can create an exciting opportunity for your business on two fronts:

  • Your business involvement actively enhance your community social responsibility (CSR) benefiting staff with visits to school (see huge benefits to your organisation)
  • Motivational seminar or workshop for your business





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Businesses making a difference

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Motivational roadshows

  • Are you keen to raise the aspirations of your pupil's in school further?
  • Are you looking to challenge your pupil's and take them out of their 'comfort zone?'
  • Do your pupil's need to take their self motivation a different level?


If so, we’re looking for school communities across the UK to get involved in our inspirational U Can Shine motivational roadshows.



  • With support from business and media (Radio) we aim to deliver a high impact motivational day to pupils and families in your school
  • Business engagement on the day to support school raising awareness and aspirations to the world of work
  • Opportunites for future staff CPD and become part of the U Can Shine school network
  • Your potential involvement in future UCS style awards (located within local communities)



Further roadshow launches in September 2015 across Cumbria, South Yorkshire and Manchester.

"The road show was a fantastic way to start the U Can Shine Programme.  It was energetic, uplifting, inspiring and motivational for pupils and staff.  It gave our children a real confidence boost and outlined just how important high aspirations and attitude to learning really are! The road show celebrated personal achievements of pupils through school and gave them just a taster of what is to come at The Sands Centre in the summer term.  Shaun, Jordan and Robbie were a great team and really pulled our school community together."

Sally Wright. Dept Headteacher, Valley Primary School, Whitehaven.

Assistant Headteacher Valley Primary School, Whitehaven

"The U Can Shine motivational road show was a wonderful 10 week series of high energy, inspirational workshops visiting schools all over Cumbria. Building children’s confidence to believe in themselves, talk about their hopes for the future and what jobs they’d perhaps like to do was brilliant! Thank you to all schools, teaching staff, mums, dads and many others all connected to school communities who took part. It was an incredible privilege to be part of, meet you all... and we had a tremendous amount of fun doing it!"

7,8,9...U Can Shine!

Robbie Dee, CFM Radio



What the kids say...


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